Background Science

Veloxint is commercializing high value products and parts enabled by novel nanocrystalline (NC) metal alloys with transformational properties. The technology is based on fundamental science developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by the research group of Professor Chris Schuh. These new nanocrystalline metal alloys offer extraordinary strengths, typically 2-5x those of traditional alloys made from the same input metals, and are designed from the atomic level up for thermodynamic stability to enable long-term stable operation even at elevated temperatures.

While the potential of NC metals has been known within the metallurgical community for decades, these metals have traditionally been very difficult to make and unstable once made due to the fundamental thermodynamic instability of most NC structures. Prof. Schuh has spent the last 15 years developing and refining materials and process design approaches to overcome this traditional limitation, including work ranging from fundamental analytical and computational models to experimental confirmation of processing and properties. Most recently this work has yielded an all-new powder metallurgy approach to efficiently manufacture multiple families of stabilized NC metal alloys with extraordinary properties.