A fundamental advance in the engineering materials set

Auto manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Veloxint's technologies enable the next generation of advanced manufacturing.  Enhanced manufacturing approaches can reduce materials and energy waste, while improved tools can improve production rates and uptime.  Final products can be designed to new performance levels, using less material to create stronger, lighter products with extended lifetimes even in elevated temperature environments.     


Premium Tooling

Premium Tooling

Veloxint components offer unique combinations of strength and toughness for premium tooling applications.  End uses for these materials include consumer and industrial drills, oil & gas bits, mining equipment, road planing bits, saws, general cutting tools, and many more. The incumbent tungsten carbide technology has been stagnant for decades, and our new materials can provide a step-change improvement for a wide range of applications in the energy, automotive, electronics, and mining & construction markets.

Auto and Aerospace Lightweighting


Veloxint materials are 2-5X stronger than traditional materials without changing density, enabling components with higher performance at reduced weight.  These components can be used for lightweighting on vehicles, industrial equipment, and consumer electronic devices. 

In the automotive industry, applications are possible both on vehicles and on automated production equipment for manufacturing.  Veloxint's nanocrystalline alloys are also stable at elevated temperatures, providing particularly high potential for use in engine and power train components.  In the aerospace industry, components are sometimes changed from aluminum to titanium to provide an incremental decrease of weight at a substantial cost premium. Veloxint materials have a much higher specific strength and are produced at are near net shape, potentially providing 2-3X weight reductions at only a modest cost premium.  


Improved Battlefield Performance

Veloxint nanocrystalline metals can be used for military applications ranging from kinetic energy penetrators, to body and vehicle armor, to lightweight vehicle components. Initial field tests for penetrators have yielded promising performance, and Veloxint materials are free of carcinogenic cobalt and hazardous depleted Uranium.

3D Printing

3D Printing

The processing advantages of Veloxint materials naturally lend themselves to 3D printing applications. Specifically, the low temperature sintering and faster more efficient processing will allow economical production of high quality, complex components. Veloxint’s nanocrystalline approach will change the industry paradigm of how 3D printed metal parts are used during product development and manufacturing.

Solar Panels


Veloxint’s technology has the potential to significantly impact a wide range of additional applications and industries.  Other potential markets include Solar, Electronics, Batteries, Magnets, and Fasteners.