The Veloxint technology has multiple attractive features enabled by the new underlying science

  1. Transformational Properties
    Veloxint Nanocrystalline alloys are 2-5X stronger than materials that are used today. However, the Veloxint alloys retain the ductility, toughness, and other properties of the base metal being used providing truly unique combinations of properties.
  2. Faster More Efficient Processing
    Processing of Veloxint NC alloys requires less time, temperature, and pressure compared to incumbent processes. In some cases the temperature required for Veloxint processing can be 500°C lower than used today.
  3. Green / Sustainable Manufacturing
    The Veloxint approach produces near net shape end products that utilize >95% of starting raw materials. This contrasts with other technologies where there is significant waste in the production process.


Production Process

Veloxint technology offers the first scalable approach for making bulk nanocrystalline metals. The technology uses traditional powder metallurgy process techniques used in the industry for decades, but with proprietary metal powder mixtures identified and developed using the MIT platform technology. The process is highly scalable, and can be used to serve both niche and high volume applications.