The Veloxint Way

1. Powder Metal

Veloxint Powder Metal is manufactured through proprietary processes to achieve the desired composition,  nanocrystalline structure and powder morphology

2. Compounding

Veloxint Powder Metal is mixed with a small amount of binder

3. Forming

The powder/binder compound is shaped through one of the following processes:

A. 3D Printing

B.  Metal Injection Molding

C.  Pressing

D.  Other options: hot isostatic pressing, hot pressing, etc.

4. Green Body

The resulting form
is called a Green Body

5. Debinding

The binder is removed  via thermal or solvent debinding

6. Brown Body

After the binder is removed the form is now a brown body

7. Sintering

The brown body is heated in a furnace to remove any remaining binder and achieve desired final density.  Veloxint nanocrystalline alloys are designed to sinter faster and at lower temperatures, thereby increasing productivity and reducing energy use.

8. Final Part

Once cooled the sintered part is ready for machining and finishing operations.  Veloxint alloys can be machined and finished to achieve precise tolerances and surface finishes

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